What is YouTube burnout? Do you ever feel like you don’t want to do anything at all? You can’t think, you don’t have any energy, you don’t know how to move forward? Everyone gets to feel this way sometimes, especially creatives and content creators. This is called Burnout Syndrome. In this post, we’ll take a look at it and how to deal with it.

How does Burnout happen?

The most important to distinguish is fatigue which is normal, regular work stress and burnout syndrome. YouTube burnout leaves you with far deeper consequences and can make you feel hopeless and depressed. When we try to do too many things at once, for example make multiple unrelated videos on unrelated topics, these things pile up and we suddenly start feeling like we’re drowning in our obligations. Personally, I have times where ideas seem to come all by themselves and they don’t stop coming, then I reach out to too many people and start too many projects with them, which tends to backfire more often than not, since you can’t clone yourself and be in multiple places at the same time.

What are the symptoms of burnout?

With YouTube burnout syndrome, the symptoms can be divided into three categories: physical, emotional and behavioral changes. On a physical level, we feel constantly tired and/or exhausted. This can be accompanied by problems with our immune system, colds, headaches, muscle pain, dietary and sleeping issues, and the like. On an emotional level, there’s the feeling of hopelessness, lack of willpower, loss of motivation and interest, and a general lack of a grander meaning in life. Our behavior changes accordingly, and we start to retreat from communicating with other people or get into unnecessary arguments with them, which is doubly true is it’s someone close to us, such as family members, friends, and our partner. We also start to delay our obligations constantly, procrastinate, and disregard our work commitments. The last one is especially true for us YouTubers, since this toll on our mental health leads us to disregard our content.

How to treat and prevent Burnout syndrome as a YouTuber?

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m not a psychologist and if you are dealing with this issue and feel you need help, please contact a professional to help you out and give you a helping hand. What I can do is tell you my own experiences with this issue. In order to stop burnout from happening, we ought to slow down first and foremost. When my batteries are charged, my brain works a hundred miles an hour. I’m not much of a sleeper, but once I get enough sleep I flow into a state where good ideas keep coming and I just want to share that with people. The most important thing you can do is find the right balance. Find your own relaxation and “me” time. Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket, not even YouTube. Write down a schedule for the next few days, how and when you will do everything, and put it somewhere where you can see it. Make Post-It notes on how many times a week you plan to record a video, and how many times you want to post one. Keep track of all the meetings and tasks you want to get done.

One of the main reasons why agencies such as ours exist is in fact this problem. You need your “me” time, and you can get exactly the time you need by paying someone else to do some of these jobs for you. If you’re a person who is too busy and never gets to do anything on the account of the obligations that you have, you’ve got to start taking care of your health as a YouTuber and contact us to set your mind to ease.