YouTube is a platform for sharing video content onto which, according to the statistics, 500 hours of video content is uploaded every single minute. That video content comes in all possible shapes and sizes and it can be about literally anything, but in order for that channel to succeed in the long run. There needs to be a differentiating factor which divides channels into several different types. We are now going to take a look at 3 different types of YouTube channels.

Personal channel

First of 3 types of YouTube channels is Personal. Personal channels are those which are used for amateur-level sharing of video content with family members, friends or a tight audience circle, and they are non-profit channels most of the time. Almost everyone has uploaded a video to YouTube at least once, whether it be one of a pet, a summer vacation video, a concert video or something of the sort. These sorts of channels have the potential to become business channels when the creator of a channel puts in the time and effort to improve the quality of the content and decides to regularly post it.

Business channel

Under business channels, we include each channel which makes a profit. These can be personal channels that have risen to the top and become partnered by improving their content and posting schedules, but these can also be targeted business channels which produce independent shows, educational content, channels which make product reviews. There are also business channels that promote their own products and services. Here, we can also see the difference between personality and cash cow channels. With personality-focused channels, the main priority in on the brand of the creator, or the face of the channel, while with cash-cow channels the creator is behind the curtain and makes videos that focus on top ten lists, for example, and not on himself.

Official channel

The last group of channels are various institutions such as governments, colleges, public services, religious institutions, NGOs, media companies and the like. More and more of these official institutions are becoming digital, especially in the wake of current events, and they use these channels to inform the public on various topics.

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