Today, we’ll try to see whether your business really does need a YouTube channel or not, and weigh the pros and cons of having a YouTube channel. In today’s environment, the competition keeps getting harder and harder, and having an efficient marketing strategy is very important in order to get your brand and product to stand out from the competitors. Traditional marketing channels such as the newspaper, radio, and TV keep getting more expensive while being ignored more and more by the younger generations. Even the older generations are starting to discover YouTube and are watching videos via their smart Tv’s.

Should my business have a YouTube Channel?

Statistics and surveys have shown that about 62% of the world’s businesses have a YouTube channel. This has been a growing trend with mid-sized and large businesses for a while, but it is also becoming a more popular strategy with smaller businesses as well.

Starting a YouTube channel might give your business the tiny push it needs in order to get ahead, and stay ahead of the competition. YouTube marketing campaigns are starting to appear more and more worldwide, so we keep getting bombarded with everything starting from commercial products, all the way to independent journalists and political propaganda. However, there is an alternative to this method, and that is through creating organic growth for your YouTube channel.

How to build up a channel?

Our way of thinking goes something like this: what if you could make your product, service, or brand more approachable to the end user via interesting video content where you will show its everyday use? At its very inception of the platform, a special niche of videos appeared where people would unpack, unbox, describe and test out a product and give their opinions on it. It’s one thing to see an ad on TV, say of a famous actor having a sip of an energy drink and getting wings, but it’s a whole nother story if there’s a regular Joe uses his own words  to describe how a drink tastes and how he is feeling in the moment. A lot of the major companies realize this, and have thus made show with “regular people” that describe their everyday situations, often in a joking and jovial manner. One example of this are online betting platforms that share stories every bookie can relate to. So, if you’ve got a business and no YouTube channel, now is the time to make one. Now, a lot of people don’t have enough time to deal with YouTube and making videos in addition to the company they’re running, but there are agencies such as ours that can help you and run your whole operation for you.

What can we do for you? The Tubesecrets company has many years of making and running all kinds of YouTube channels. In our team, we have people that come from various backgrounds that could help you understand the subject matter from every angle, and help you create content that will keep the audience interested. Also, we can optimize your videos to stay ahead of the algorithm and make your content always visible when people search for content related to your topics. If you’d like to know more, you can contact us via contact form on our site. If you’ve already got a channel, we can give your channel a free audit and give you a couple of free suggestions related to the improvement of the content and optimizing your channel so it can be found more easily. You can contact us through Instagram too.