In today’s post, we’re going to cover and discover how to become a YouTube partner i.e. how to get into partnership program and the abilities that present themselves when you become a part of it.

What does it mean to become a YouTube partner?

Being a YouTube partner means having access to resources and features that regular users do not have, including the most important one, which is having access to AdSense ads that can be shown before, during or after the ad, as well as to the side of the video.

How to become a YouTube partner?

In order to become a YouTube partner, your channel needs to check a few boxes. For a while, everyone could get monetized, but due to inappropriate content on some channels YouTube has made these requirements a fair bit stricter. Firstly, your content needs to follow all the rules and guidelines that you can find on their website. Second, you need to have at least 1000 subs on your channel. Finally, you need a watch time of at least 4000 hours in the span of 12 months. So, if users watch at least 4000 hours or 240 thousand minutes in the span of a year, you get an opportunity to join the partner program. Once all of these boxes have been ticked, you need to open an AdSense account. The AdSense program is Google’s network which is used to post ads on your content. Finally, you have to wait a couple of days in order to get approved, and you’re good to go.

Is being a YouTube partner worth it?

Of course it is worth it, since tens of thousands of people worldwide have been able to live exclusively off of their YouTube ad revenue, but you shouldn’t think of this too lightly. It’s not only about making silly faces in front of a camera in order to get a few bucks. As programmers like to say, everything is in the backend, and behind every YouTube channel is a lot of planning, effort and work involved. No matter how naive it may appear to the uninitiated, it takes a lot of math in order to make a profit off a YouTube channel alone. Luckily, our marketing agency Tubesecrets is here to help you out, and we can do all of the behind-the-scenes work and run your YouTube channel so that you can dedicate yourself to your content.