Today, we will be talking about what the best niches are, how to avoid making mistakes when choosing a niche, how to select content that penetrates through the sea of videos getting posted every day, and how to find video topics that your channel will cover the most. Amateur YouTube channels often “wander” in their selection of topics, they are not focused on a particular topic and put out videos at both random intervals and on random topics. This could be a good thing if you’re still discovering yourself, but it can really hurt your channel in the long run.

What exactly is a niche?

By definition, a niche is a specialized segment of the market for a particular type of product or service. What does that mean in practice? Well, sport is a very wide niche, for example, basketball would be a narrowing of that niche, and say… dribbling could be an even smaller niche. Your content, product or service would be, in this case, basketball practice, and the product you would be selling would be a course on how to dribble.

How to find the right content for your YouTube channel?

Think long and hard about what is interesting and attractive to you. There is a way to check for yourself that will surely let you know whether you’re making a mistake or not when choosing a niche. If it’s something that you plan on creating and making a video about, writing the script and everything else that is necessary for a quality video, it should be something you’re really passionate about, something that you could spend ages researching and studying. And if your true passion is what you want to show to the world, you’re on the right track and will avoid making mistakes of this kind. With YouTube, you’re in it for the long haul, and not just something that pops into your head, and if you make content about something that you’re not really fond of, you’ll get bored of it quickly and you’ll drop the project. We suggest turning off any distractions in your creative moments, such as the TV set, watching other videos or shows, playing video games and the like. A popular niche that a lot of people like to watch is TV show and movie reviews, and videos that go into detail about various movies, games, and such. But, to do this of course, you’re gonna need to develop your critical thinking skills and analytical mindset, and not just keep consuming media like a zombie.

How can your content help people?

Now that we’re done with the first part, which was deciding the type of content, you’ve gotta figure out the second part, and that is “ How does my content make people’s lives better?” There’s an old saying that people only see things from their own perspective and take care of numero uno, but to produce something that can reach deep into other people’s hearts, you’ve gotta rise above. Ask yourself, how is the thing that I’m making helping someone? If you’re set on making this kind of stuff,  you’re gonna be making DIY videos, in the vein of “how to make a chair”, “how to paint your room” etc. Keep in mind that it’s not only physical tasks that you can help people with, but you could also talk about philosophy, teach a foreign language, and post motivational content. You can even act a bit goofy on cam and have fun with your audience, as a lot of people are looking for ways to cheer themselves up. The only important thing is to avoid going into a project that you’re not looking forward to. Try as I might, I could never teach ballet on YouTube, but I’ve found what I like.

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