Today, we’ll be diving deep into figuring out what are the best ways to make money on YouTube in 2021, and we’ll cover some of the more standard, as well as a couple of non-standard ways that you can start making a profit from your YouTube channel.


The first way of making money on YouTube in 2021, and most certainly the most recognizable one is to have ads posted on your videos via Google’s AdSense network. There are a few conditions that you need to fullfill in order to be able to join the partner program. This can make you a decent sum of money, but it needn’t be your only source of income. That’s because it makes you completely dependent on YouTube, with which you also have to share a part of your profits.


The second way of making money on YouTube in 2021 is merchandise. What is merchandise? YouTubers with a larger audience can afford to offer their fans an opportunity to buy his or hers branded products. This is a good source of income because you aren’t directly dependent on YouTube, and we’ve already seen YouTubers such as Pyrocynical, Pewdiepie and Markiplier make hundreds of thousands of dollars from selling T-shirts, hoodies, bags, memorabilia and other stuff, but like them, you will have to pay close attention to the quality of those products.


Like the AdSense program, you can directly make an agreement with a third party. These are usually  companies that want to promote their own product, service or event directly through you. Through these contracts, you can make a lot of solid money, since you won’t be sharing any of them with YouTube. The signing of the contract should usually be done with a lawyer present, since some companies may require you to sign an exclusivity clause, ie. You won’t be able to take on any other sponsors.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing represents the promotion of third-party products or services, where you make a comission on each sale made from your link. If you have a larger channel, the company will approach you directly and give you a link, but you can get into an affiliate marketing program of your own accord and join a network such as Amazon affiliate. The disadvantage of this approach is that you could get reported for spamming and get restricted access to your channel, so it’s a good idea to make your own landing page or website where you can put the links to your offers.

Your own products

While being close to merchandising, you can think of your own product or service that you can promote, and use YouTube as a marketing platform where you would offer products that you make yourself to people. There is a world of options here, starting from jewelry, art pieces, all the way to music, programing and design services, to training courses and so on.

I hope you find something that will cover you and your channel. The potential to make money on YouTube is almost limitless, so if you have any ideas that you would like to share, make sure to let us know.